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Published November 19, 2018

In this article, we will skip the real money mobile casino games from online casinos. There are hundreds of these games, and they require an article just for them, but if you want to try them, you can do it for free with the no deposit bonus here. Instead, today we will talk only about the games that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Which upcoming mobile games are going to be download on your Android phone or tablet? How do you make a decision when we are faced with such a wide choice? The Play Store provides users with Android have plenty of games of all kinds and for all tastes, but unfortunately not all are worth to be downloaded. We’re here to help: activate WIFI and get ready to download the best games.

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The new releases

For this article, we will skip the casino games that you can play for real money in online mobile casinos. If you are interested in them check out this page to find how to start playing them for free with no deposit bonus and how to clear the bonus so you can withdrawal your money. Often more than going in search of the best Android games of a specific category, like logic, RPG, fighting, and whatnot, we are curious to learn about the latest offerings by developers, to discover the latest trends or simply to try different game modes and original. For this in the first section of the collection we will reveal the best freshly baked games from Play Store.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Chaos Reborn: Adventures, idea of the creator of X-COM Julian Gollop is a challenging strategy game where you have to really make an effort. The game is fantasy, in which two magicians compete through a hex map of battle drawing creatures and casting spells to defeat his rival.

Chaos Reborn is a premium title also available on PC and asks for a similar price on Android. It is difficult and it takes a while to get used to all the mechanics and options available, but it is definitely worth it!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

If you enjoyed playing “Life is Strange by Dotnod this summer you will be happy to return to Arcadia Bay in this prequel that clarifies many unexplained mysteries in the first game.

This time the heroine is the punk teenager Chloe Price, a creative rebel looking for chills that finds an escape from her problems at home with his authoritarian future stepfather through his surprising friendship (or more?) with the beautiful and popular Rachel Amber. Unfortunately, Rachel has some dark secrets.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a free indie RPG with a truly old school. A world-roaming freely with a top-down isometric view reminiscent of classics like Diablo and Baldur’s Gate!

To stop a dark threat you will wander through the world, you will get quests from the NPCS with big exclamation marks over their heads and fight monsters in search of treasures and experience to improve your skills. Seems like a cliché, but the Early Morning Studios love clearly the genre.

The great classics for the most nostalgic

Games become increasingly elaborate graphics and gameplay are certainly not less, but very often users prefer to remain on the classic. Here are the best Android games that don’t will never go out of fashion! It is the timeless Tetris or exciting games and frustrating as Candy Crush or Angry Birds, below you will find them all. And don’t forget about Super Mario, a timeless classic.

Minefield: careful not to blow up

How many of you have spent my childhood trying to figure out this game? Maybe I’ll be the only but I admit I spent a lot of time looking at the pc screen to select random boxes trying not to get the bomb and make sad yellow face, or to understand what the goal of the game.

Well once you get the game (it took hours of explanations and doodles) I must say that I am passionate about. Minesweeper is a simple game that doesn’t need exceptional graphics or special effects, but only takes a few taps, you can keep you glued to the screen for hours. Match leads to another, you’ll find out soon.

No multiplayer mode, only a minefield gray from clean up tap after tap, trying not to disappoint the smile that appears at the top of the display. Try to get over yourselves in this timeless and unpretentious that game from the pc finally arrived on Smartphones and tablets.

Tetris: a race against time to the last brick

Even this game needs much introduction, everyone at least once have played Tetris and there are differing opinions about it. For some it is an exciting game which cannot do without, others hate it and found it boring.

Anyway I could not put it in the list. It is a game that made the video gaming history, unmissable in card rooms and available for any console in ever new and modern versions. There are many apps to Tetris, but we chose for you slightly futuristic offers several modes of play.

The aim of the game you know it all, combine bricks of different shapes and colors, eliminating the lines at the base so as to increase their score and move on to the next level. The Tetris that we have selected offers four modes: one One-Touch, classic, Marathon, which offers several modes of command, the Galaxy, a multi-level mode for the more experienced, and that Battles that will delay the Play Store epr download Tetris Blitz, a challenge against all and against time for the more adventurous!

Pinball: you blast the ball on the screen

I know, I’m just nominating the ABCs of Arcade games, but what am I going to do, have a nostalgic pace (hipsters will surely right). Zen Pinball is a classic and it made me mad an entire generation intent on bouncing a ball in every direction trying not to lose it in the abyss.

I know people who each evening as close their eyes, they see still that pesky ball rimbalzargli between the eyelids. Such a game could not certainly miss Google Play, and Zen Pinball offers many exciting playgrounds! Sure, you’ll have to forgo the mighty flipper easy to find in bars with incredible environments.

On Android you can choose different settings from the graphics rather interesting modern and colorful accompanied by soundtracks and sound effects. Otherwise, once you start the game, you’ll find yourself a classic Pinball ball that you’ll have to start by holding your finger on the trigger, and checking the two levers on the right and left. Ready to bounce from side to side?

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