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Published August 8, 2018

Do you smell like grilled eggplant on a barbecue ? Can you hear them ice rattling on the bottom of a glass ? You see those swarms of mosquitoes ready to melt on your bland calves ? Yes, the long holidays are here along with best casual mobile games and with them their share of rainy days where one can not go to the beach, the long car trips and the family lunches as interminable and noisy as an editorial conference before the E3. So, to accompany you through these little summer events, I’ve prepared a selection of mobile games that, I hope, will save you and help you spend a hot summer, on the French side in Saint-Malo.

To relax: Alto’s Odyssey

The scientific studies prove it : there is nothing better than a good endless runner to kill time. But if we’re going to fall into this hellish spiral, we might as well do it in a game that deserves it. So, Alto’s Odyssey seems to me to be the perfect client. This is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure and you can always guide a snowboarder with just one finger in magnificent Settings, All packed with bonuses, objectives and all those little details that hold on tight. A beautifully designed game that also manages to marry the intrinsic tension of this kind of gameplay with a small relaxing Zen side thanks to its band-its Nature and successful discoveries.

To cool off: Mini bubbles

The scientific studies prove it : there is nothing better than a good puzzle game to kill time. As it’s summer and we get tired quickly with this heat, I thought that Mini bubbles would do perfectly well, because its underwater atmosphere will at least have the merit to refresh you a bit. The purpose is not much of a stretch : there are bursts of colored bubbles. Veil. Let’s say it’s a kind of match-three, but with colors and bubbles whose location can change as you go so well that you have to think about the right mixes and the right mixes of colors to succeed. The puzzling side is not too exhausting, I promise, but there is still a good challenge and a lot of nice little ideas coming along.

To go to the Tarn without “L” : Abi

For the last game of this month’s Tour de France, you needed a rather consistent adventure, the kind of pastime perfect for train/plane/car trips that are waiting for you. So, I suggest you discover the very cute Abi which is a kind of point ‘ n ‘ click whose hero is a horny robot wandering in a post-apocalyptic world looking for humans. There is a small Wall-E side and a very nice artistic direction that gives a nice lightness to this naive and very nice adventure. The pros of the genre will go there more for its history and its atmosphere than for its not very nasty riddles, but the walk remains very pleasant and will keep you busy for two good hours (at 1€ The game, that’s nice).

And for the End, one quick powerful August collection: