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Published July 8, 2018

After much reflection, we have selected top ten mobile rpg games for Android and iOS, which is little, either that they accompany us for some time, or that they seduced us recently. Anyway, get ready to play this summer !

Full of movies, music and games, our smartphones and tablets will follow us docilely on holiday. The opportunity to use them for something other than answering professional emails or trying to cover the commotion of public transport. There is an even better option, to also use your mobile phone not only to play mobile games but to play casino games as well, thanks to all those online casinos on the market. If you want to find a safe online casino to play at, go to and you will find the best online casinos in the USA with the most popular games.

It’s also a chance to enjoy yourself and to play with your toes in a fan. After a draconian selection that made us cry tears of despair, we got a list of ten titles. Ten games that we would recommend to our friends, with holes in the racket, as the polo specialists say.

If we were seduced very recently by Monument Valley, nice and poetic puzzles, on iOS, its very short lifespan has excluded it from our list. There are also some titles that regularly steal hours of play but, for all that, will not travel with us on holiday, or even as a stowaway. Because the idea is to choose the games to put in its virtual suitcase… Civilization Revolution 2, coming out tomorrow, could have claimed to be part of the trip, but we haven’t had it yet. So we have retained certain values, other titles less known, games to play alone, quietly, in a hammock, others that will take all their flavor to many around a table, at nightfall. A small selection of pixels and video game moments that we wish you good and warm!

Plants vs Zombies 2

Available on :
iOS 5.1.1 and above
Android 2.3 and above
Price: Free

Released in the middle of August last year, Plants vs Zombies 2 perfectly plays the game of free to play. Hard at times, in order to incite him to go to the cash register, he allows himself to practice without untied scholarship with a little perseverance and patience. Electronic Arts regularly adds content, after the futuristic era, it is now in the Middle Ages to give you a hard time with its delusional zombies and improbable plants.
A game that can be played both alone and in pairs, for a few minutes or long hours of lazy Siesta.

Ticket to Ride

Available on :
iOS 5.0 and above
Android 4.0.3 and above
Price: € 5.99 (iOS) / 5,12 euros (Android)

A summer cannot be successful without at least one board game evening. However, when the suitcases are full, you have to choose between the last one and your favorite games. Fortunately, now more and more good titles have been put on tablets. This is the case of the sumptuous les aventuriers du rail, which can be found on the App Store and the Play Store under its English name Ticket to Ride.
The objective is the same between the digital and the physical versions : you will have to dominate as many tracks on a map determined according to the destination tickets you get at the Start and as the game progresses. The longer the road, the more points you earn, but the more risks you take.
Ticket to Ride on a tablet benefits from a tutorial to take the measure of the game, it is then possible to play online, P2P with several tablets or even up to 5 players around a single iPad. Note that there is a Pocket version for iPhone.

Hills & Rivers Remain

Available on :
iOS 3.0 and above
Price : 4,49 €

A great elder ! Just think, it was released in November 2009 ! But yet, it can be found on each of our generations of iPhone… This little game of strategy in real time indeed requires as much reflexes as reflection. In a war that seems endless between different nations, you have to manage as best you can, in real time, the units that are allocated to you on a turn-by-turn basis depending on the number of bases you own and the bonuses you use.
Very quickly, we learn to seize the stables as soon as possible, to take control of the fortresses and to block the ports in order to reduce the options of the opponents. Every turn counts, every decision can change the Battle. A game to consume without moderation.


Available on :
iOS 5 and above
Android 2.0.1 and above
Price : 3,59 eur

What is it, Tetris ? One might think so, but Rymdkapsel is actually a real-time strategy game. You start with two units that have to build very quickly to extract resources, generate energy and food. Then we’ll have to build barracks so the minions can push back the successive waves of enemies out of nowhere. Each building has the shape of a Tetris piece and you will need to optimize the space as much as possible to tighten the mesh of the base and leave as few angles of attack as possible.
While this title offers only three main challenges, it has a long life and a sacred replay. Anyway, it will take you a long time to memorize the spelling of his name !

Leo’s Fortune

Available on :
iOS 7 and above
Android (from 10 July 2015))
Price : 4,49 €

First there are round eyes, wide apart. Leo’s Fortune begins by hitting our Retina, by flattering her with her splendid decorations and her character-ball of mustache hair. Then we discover a set of platforms with flawless playability, a well-LED progression in difficulty and a wide variety of levels. They will require as much your skill as your reflection to succeed in making Leo evolve safely, until he regains the fortune that vile gredins have stolen from him. A very nice surprise released last April on iOS and that should enchant the Google Play Store starting July 10. Put a little poetry in your summer…

Rayman Fiesta Run

Available on :
iOS 5.0 and above
Android 2.3.3 and above
Price : 2,69 eur

Undeniably one of the most exciting platform games on smartphone. If the controls are reduced to the bare minimum : jumping / flying and typing, you will have to show an acute sense of observation and reflexes in hardened steel. Once launched, Rayman runs like a lunatic against a background of fun and hectic music. He is head down towards danger and adventure, so you will have to break down the obstacles with punches or jump to the edge of the precipice, always with the concern to keep our hero alive and to gather as much light as possible. It sounds simple as that, but try your luck and you will see that it is often necessary to try again several times to triumph. Has to be absolutely !

Hungry Cat Picross

Available on :
iOS 6.0 and above
Android 2.3 and above
Price: Free

Everybody knows Picross ! For those who have escaped this Madness, It is a matter of drawing an image in a grid by colouring the small squares in the right order thanks to vertical and horizontal numerical indications. Tuesday Quest, a small French studio, proposes to immerse you in madness with Hungry Cat, a cat artist, who paints everything that moves… gathered in a gallery by levels, from easy to expert, the 320 paintings to be painted are always well found and accompanied by a little offbeat title. Depending on your level and commitment, you can simply finish the tables or do it in the time allotted to get the three stars of each table.…
And when you have them all wrapped up, you can always wait for the big grids proposed every Tuesday, in which you have to reconstruct an image from nine sub-grids !
Ideal for killing time between bathing…


Available on :
iOS 6.0 and above
Android 4.0 and above
Price: € 1.79 (iOS) / € 1.43 (Android, currently on sale))

You have spent hours on 2048, which still sometimes happens at the turn of a bus or train ride. So try Three, the original, the one that inspired 2048 and is much more tactical than its copy. The objective is therefore the same : to merge identical numbered tiles to form ever larger numbers, avoiding not being able to move these tiles in the grid that receives them.
In three everything is more neat than in 2048, the musical atmosphere, the sounds, the small animated avatars when you gather tiles together, etc. it is certainly paid, but worth every cent it will cost you.

Frozen Synapse

Available on :
iOS 4.2 and above
Android 3.0 and above
Price : 8,99 euros (iOS) / 7,39 € (Android)

You didn’t crack on Steam ? So stop resisting, he’s here, within reach of your little muscular fingers ! Frozen Synapse is a small independent title that proposes to sharpen your tactical sense and your logic, turn by turn. You run a squad of soldiers who break into a building. It is up to you to ensure that they cover every possible angle of fire and are the first to fire. The slightest failure and it’s the end ! Demanding and much more fun than one would think, Frozen Synapse is served by minimalist but clear graphics and perfectly adapted to the genre and to smartphones and tablets.

XCom : Enemy Unknown

Available on :
iOS 6.0 and above
Android 2.3 and above
Price : 8,99 euros (iOS) / 8,69 € (Android)

World of Tanks Blitz, a mobile version of the free to Play that cartoons on PC and consoles, could claim the title of undefeatable of our smartphones but is still a little young for us to decide. We therefore entrust you with the orders of the project XCom, game released in 2012, certainly, but that we regularly relaunch the summer came, in the shadow of a fig tree, a fresh drink at hand. Because pushing warlike aliens at the head of a troop of over-equipped and trained soldiers while managing the development of a base and the necessary research, it makes you thirsty.…

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